Tuesday, June 19, 2012

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Online Initiatives from the International Sociological Association

Living Social Science – a new concept
An online database for “state-of-the-art” entries in Sociology

sociopedia.isa is a new concept in the production and dissemination of knowledge. It combines the best of two worlds: the opportunities the internet offers for rapid publication and the scientific quality guaranteed by thorough and imaginative editing and peer review. While experienced editors and peer review ensure the highest possible quality, the internet makes it possible to provide the most recent 'state-of-the-art' assessments. 
sociopedia.isa, then, offers 'living social science'.

sociopedia.isa is an online database with 'state-of-the-art' review articles in social sciences. It guarantees users that the reviews are up-to-date and will be updated on a regular basis. Each entry has a discussion section to supplement it.

To find out more information including: how to access the entries, how to comment and how to submit to sociopedia.isa, please click here. 

Online Access

sociopedia.isa is free to International Sociological Association members – as an ISA benefit of membership.
(See below for a special offer for non-members)

To access the site simply visit:http://www.sagepub.net/isa and fill in your password and username.

Special Offer - Free Access to selected entries from sociopedia.isa

We are delighted to offer non-members of the International Sociological Association the chance to access selected entries from sociopedia.isa.

Simply click on the entries below to be taken to the free access page. The entries below have been selected for free access to members and non-members – to view all sociopedia.isa content you must be a member of the International Sociological Association.

To become a member of the ISA simply click here
Agrarian Reform
Cultural Globalization
Health and Illness

The ISA eSymposium for Sociology

The International Sociological Association is delighted to remind you of the re-launch of the ISA E-Bulletin. It moves to a new incarnation and future as the ISA eSymposium for Sociology
The ISA eSymposium for Sociology is now more interactive, offering readers opportunities for making immediate comments on contributions.
This medium not only allows the ISA to source visual and audio contributions from sociologists, it also allows them to archive past issues of the E-Bulletin and, in time, will be a platform that can contribute towards creating a data base of visual and audio work that sociologists produce.
ISA eSymposium for Sociology is available for ISA members by logging in with their User ID and password. Simply click on the link below


If you have forgotten your login details, email isa-secretariat@isa-sociology.org
ISA Digital Worlds

This fantastic online resource has been launched by the International Sociological Association to reach sociologists all over the world and build a global online community.
Simply click on the links below to access a variety of exciting and informative online and multimedia resources.
Digital Worlds
> Global Dialogue
Newsletter published in 12 languages is the venue for debates, reports on conferences, state of different sociologies, interviews, and much more.

> Public Sociology, Live!
An experimental global course in which distinguished sociologists tell of their engagements with publics. Videos of weekly conversations are posted here.

> Journeys through Sociology
Interviews with members of the ISA Executive Committee.

> Universities in Crisis
Blog of the ISA that reports on universities in crisis, aiming to build global communities of concerned academics.

> Global Sociology, Live! (Spring 2011)
An experimental course in pursuit of global sociology, introducing students to sociologists from around the world. Videos of weekly conversations are posted here.

> Sociotube
Videos and Films of the everyday life of sociologists.

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