Friday, November 2, 2012

Issues of Information and Communication Technology and Gender Discrimination

Women and ICT connectivity are increasingly important to national development goals, it is important to begin to build a body of knowledge contextualizing and describing the effects that exposure to internet connectivity has on women’s perceptions of opportunity and change. Historically, the isolation of women from the mainstream economy and their lack of access to information because of societal, cultural and market constraints have led them to become distant from the global pool of information and knowledge. This distance is reflected in the levels of empowerment and equality of women in comparison to men, and has enormously contributed to the slow pace of development in developing countries like India. It is now a well-understood fact that without progress towards the empowerment of women, any attempt to raise the quality of lives of people in developing countries would be incomplete. To achieve this goal we have to possess a sound knowledge of the problems that women have to face. Particularly in India such studies are very scarce. This research paper seeks the reverse effect of women and ICT. Development in the fields of Information and Communication Technology open the new dimensions for women. The present research paper tries to understand the dual prominences and as well as gender discrimination also. From the findings of this paper, we can manage the solution related women problems and create balance between women and social structure

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